Saturday, February 10, 2007

In the Name of Duty

Whose fault was it? While the Commission of Human Rights faulted the Marines for the botched January 18 Timpook Offensive, it doesn't say otherwise for the MNLF who failed to list Barangay Timpook as an MNLF-controlled area. Indeed, the killings have been senseless, but still, in the event of war(the MNLF and the MILF have an on-going peace accords with the government while the Abu-Sayyaf/JI hasn't and IS considered a bandit group) all killings are justified- a reality human-rights groups abhor.

Allow me to quote an adage, "it takes two to tango"- in the name of peace, the CHR would have to take side with our Muslim Brethren, but this doesn't mean that the MNLF is scot-free for the blood, the Marines has spilled while pursuing the enemy ASG bandits. The Marines are also at fault for not coordinating with the Moro group; isn't it not hard to request such audience with the MNLF or MILF? The GRP has an on-going peace accord with them anyway.


Contrary to Ramon Tulfo's comment about the Moro Groups, excluding of course, the Abu Sayyaf and groups allied with them, we couldn't and mustn't outrightly consider them TERRORISTS, after-all, being good Moslems, it is their duty to protect their fellow Muslim. However, they should also protect their pact with the government to hold the escaping bandits and turn them over to the AFP, after all, Islam abhors the killings of innocents, Believers or Non-Believers alike.


Speaking of Mon Tulfo, I admire his charismatic candor, but isn't enough is enough? Sometimes, he does go overboard by over-exaggerating things like his previous article, "Marines blame Arroyo for Sulu booboo". First and foremost, the MNLF has a justifiable right to hold the peace process negotiators, including Major General Benjamin Dolorfino hostage, as the government troops are the aggressive offenders. By violating the peace act, they themselves reneged it with their botched, uncoordinated offensive.

Also, the Moro National Liberation Front has the right to be given compensation for their woes, only until proven that Brgy. Timpook is considered an MNLF Territory; who knows, the cowardly ASG members are indeed hiding within the area and charading themselves as part of the group.

For all his exaggeration, Mon is also correct, what about the three dead Marines. The Moro secessionist group has no jurisdiction over them. The Government should shoulder their compensation and give them merits for bravery, albeit unsuccessful operation. The Marines deserve it, they've done their duty to protect the nation anyway.


What in the world is the MILF up to? If they're really keen on the Peace Process, why are they blocking the Government Troops who're pursuing the fifty escapees/fugitives and trying to bring them back to the folds of justice? Your duty to give refuge to your fellow believers is understandable, but it wouldn't hurt if you surrender them too, if they're proven guilty of indiscriminately harming their fellowmen.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The thin line of Thai democracy
Last updated 05:08am (Mla time) 09/27/2006

IT HAS been a week since Thailand had its coup, a successful albeit bloodless toppling of the Thaksin regime. Its success is traced to its having the blessing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who commands the loyalty and allegiance of the Thai military.

While some in the Philippines are mulling over ways to oust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, a successful military coup would be most unlikely unless it had the blessing of a higher power: the people. That does not apply here in Thailand, where the military responds to the King first and foremost.

Let us all remember that in terms of democracy, the Philippines is still the most democratic of nations in Southeast Asia. What makes its democracy fragile is that the people and the government aren't up for the job. Too much democracy is anarchy. We need a shift in the form of government, to a parliamentary one.

May Polls 2007, a mockery at the expense of the constituents

While the previous elections are a joke, the May 2007 Polls is the most blatant as yet - their main platform is the total obliteration of the opposing party and not the alleviation of the woes our country is stricken with. Deny it as they may, but this Election IS actually, and not a proxy, GMA-ERAP war.


Is Taguig-Pateros Representative, Allan Peter Cayetano employing the same tactics Senator Ping Lacson was using four years ago as a ploy to supersede his intentions for running as President? If so, this shows that this ambitious snotty-nosed brat of a representative is just using Mike Arroyo as a ticket for the senatorial post as he couldn't meet the administration's qualifications for choosing a senatorial bet. As Ping's supposedly ticking bombshell turned out as a dud, Cayetano would definitely lose his credentials if he couldn't prove his claim.


“There’s no law against political dynasties”, Erap. I hope he's kidding, but according to the 1987 Constitution ARTICLE II, DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES, Section 26. "The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law". Alas, all political parties are violating the constitution, dynastyism is still prevalent in the Philippine Politics. What a farce, this opposition force is trying to project - defending the constitution against those who are calling for a change while they are also stepping upon it.


The May 2007 Polls is clearly a mockery at the expense of the Filipino People, as the aspirants in one way or the other disregard the frameworks of our constitution:

They clamor support from the Church, when section 6 of article 2 states that the separation of Church and State is clearly inviolable.

They form political dynasties which are self-serving anyway, and not to the interest of the people.

They violate the peace and order by calling out a revolution to topple out another head of state.

And finally, as a recount, the opposing parties are out there to protect their own interests, and not of the constituents while all the while they're proselytizing their actions as "para sa interes ng bayan".